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Antichrist Endtimes


The Warnings

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   David Wilkerson
 Christian In Name Only  Another Gospel  Americas Last Days - Part 1  Americas Last Days - Part 2   A Call to Anguish  The Laodicean Deception  Continue In Sin  Don't Die in Your Wilderness     Christ-The Searcher of Mens Hearts     Are You Ready For the Coming of Jesus   Believe In The Light Lest Darkness Come Upon You   The Last Days as Seen by the Prophets   A Way Known Only To God   Beware of the Smiters   A Prophetic Message  The Cost of Going All The Way With God   Casting Out Unclean Spirits   Drawing Near to God  Fearfulness in the Presence of the Lord  Freedom From Sin   Getting Ready For God's New Thing   God Is Doing a New Thing in His Church  God Is Training A Holy Remnant   God Wants To Make Covenant With You!   God is Trying to Get at That Thing in You   Hell - Part 1  Hell - Part 2    Hearing the Voice of God - Part 1   Hearing the Voice of God - Part 2    Passing Under the Rod (unedited version)  Sodom's Sister   Tame Your Tongue  The Effects of Seeing the Glory of God  The God Possessed Man  The Making Of A Worshipper

Outside Looking In - Part 1 (video)   Outside Looking In - Part 2 (video)   Satans Final War Plan Exposed (video) hi-quality      What is the True Church of Jesus Christ (video)   Why the World Hates Christians (video) hi-quality

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
Description: David Wilkerson preaches one of his greatest messages while suffering with the flu. You will hear him struggle through this message but in his weakness, God made him strong. He preaches on the true gospel of Jesus Christ and what it entails. As a teaser; The church has to be a place of death before it can be a place of life.
Whatever Happened To Repentance?
Description: From an International Pastor Conference, Wilkerson preaches on the forgotten message of repentance. We have millions a year that come to Christ but their life has no repentance. You hardly even hear the word used in Evangelical, Baptist and Pentecostal churches today. Just believe and you’re saved.
Why is it So Hard for Christians to Pray   
Description: There are many reasons why so many Christians find it hard to pray. But prayer is a necessity, not a luxury. If we give God quality time he will answer us. When we mix our prayers with faith, they will work. To neglect prayer is to neglect God and the salvation he gave us. To not take advantage of the access given to us through the blood of Jesus is to take it lightly and do despite to the grace of God. Now more than ever the church needs to be praying.
When Preachers Do Not Preach Against Sin  When the Holy Spirit departs Where Do I Stand With God 

The Heaviness of Sin  The Monkey On The Mind   The Power of the Holy Ghost (1 of 2)  The Power of the Holy Ghost (2 of 2)  The Redeemer is Returning to Zion   A Craving For The Presence Of The Lord The Trumpet is Sounding, and No One is Alarmed  The Worms Shall Crawl Out of Their Holes   War In Heaven  You Are the Temple of the Holy Spirit Your Friends Matter to God

Truths That Transform
Christian views on science Evolution and Creation
Dinosaurs and the Bible-Many infallible proofs
Month to month audio archives    

  Radio Show 

Gary Oates- Taken Up into Gods POWERFUL Holy Presence  Amazing
 Gary Oates not only provokes you to jealousy by his supernatural walk with God, but encourages  you to also walk in this special intimacy. Intimacy with God intimacy with God 2 Intimacy with God 3
Overcoming Worry

Two African men, one a former witch doctor, the other with a background in witchcraft, reveal mysteries of the invisible realm. They Shall Expel Demons

Warning: This is Real and is Frightening
      Hear an extraordinary recording of an actual exorcism
A 16 Year old Russian girl 

Video News Report

 of Exorcism-Disturbing

Video News Report Russian Exorcisms


Exorcisms 2 Also Very Good footage

 Examine the Shroud

Prophecy Club Archives

  • Creation / Evolution: Does it Matter What We Believe? 55 minute seminar (6.8MB WAV file) based a his book of the same title. The PowerPoint file may also be viewed online or downloaded for personal use.

  • Astronomy and the Bible 57 minute seminar (6.7 MB WAV file). The PowerPoint file may also be viewed online or downloaded for personal use.

  • Michael Oard

    Phillip Johnson

    Thomas Kindell (Reasons for Faith Website)

    Duane T. Gish

    Donald Chittick (Creation Compass Website)

    Gary Parker

    Henry Morris

  • The Crumbling of Evolution by James Kennedy

  • The Death of Evolution (Part 1) by Ralph Muncaster

  • The Death of Evolution (Part 2) by Ralph Muncaster

  • The Racism of Darwinism by Jerry Bergman

  • The Stones Cry Out by James Kennedy

  • Walter Lang Audio Teachings

  • What's Wrong With Evolution- John Morris

  • Wyatt Archeological Research Images with RealAudio The Great Dinosaur Mystery Audio by Christian Answers Net